Assalamu’alaikum and  Good day everyone. It’s been a while a haven’t been sharing with you Tips Get it RiGHT for career development or job seeking tips.

As we know, when we apply for a job. Together with our resume we must send a good cover letter. A good cover letter will ensure you to get attention from your potential employer.

You must make sure your cover letter can grab the reader’s attention from the beginning of your letter. You need to be professional.

Throughout your letter you need to reveal as much voice and personality as you can while maintaining a professional and confident tone. Some people sometimes go very wrong in their opening. Like : “Look no further!” “How are you?”. 

Remember… they are not you colleague yet.

These are some of the opening that you should not put onto your cover letter.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 12.36.15 PM


May what i share with you prove to be good in your cover letter writing.



Apakah itu Get it R.i.G.H.T

Get it Right merupakan Program Motivasi Kerjaya yang menyentuh 5 bahagian seperti di bawah ini.

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Merancang Kerjaya Gaya SmartStudy Get it R.i.G.H 294.294

Merancang Kerjaya Gaya SmartStudy Get it R.i.G.H 295.295

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