Creating a great product is one thing. Generating income from it is a whole different matter. There are thousands of under-marketed products out there that have the potential to change people’s lives. If you have a great information product and want to get it out there, there are so many great ways to do that!

Let me share with you a list of 33 different techniques and tools you can use to spread the word about your new infoproduct, coaching program or service offering:

1. Send an e-mail announcement (with a deadline for getting the early bird discount) to your ezine, client and personal lists and address books.

2. Send a postcard announcement to people in your snail mail address book.

3. Write a press release and submit it to a number of free press release sites (you can find a list here).

4. You publish a blog or ezine, right?

5. Write a press release with a local angle that your nearby newspaper(s) might pick up.

6. Get speaking engagements with local groups whose members might be interested in your program.

7. Set up a free introductory workshop for people who might be interested purchasing the entire program or product.

8. Write an article on the topic and submit it to some of the free article directories on the Web (include information on your product or program in the resource box).

9. Once the article is published, tweet about it.

10. Also, share links back to your published article on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

11. Submit an article on the topic directly to large, established ezines such as the one published by SelfGrowth.com.

12. Offer a free teleclass on the topic.

13. For greater impact, visibility and reach, coordinate a telesummit event with coaches who specialize in other areas (see my earlier blog post on how to launch a telesummit event ).

14. Promote the program on Twitter as often as you can without chasing off your followers.

15. Offer a contest on Twitter that for everyone who retweets the link to your program sign up page, one person will win a prize (perhaps a previous book or product you’ve written).

16. Set up an affiliate program so that others can earn commissions from selling your product or program.

17. Offer yourself as a guest speaker to local radio talk show hosts.

18. Do the same with local TV station talk show hosts.

19. Why not shoot for the moon and contact representatives of some major radio and TV talk show hosts? If the topic of your program/product is relevant enough, you just might generate some big time interest.

20. Offer yourself as a speaker to people who have established Internet radio shows on sites such as http://blogtalkradio.com.

21. Speaking of Internet talk radio, consider hosting your very own show on a regular basis.

22. Look for opportunities to offer meaningful feedback on other people’s blogs, with links back to your product or program.

23. Update your e-mail signature with a short blurb about and link to your offering.

24. Create an inexpensive business card specifically for your product or program (or use more of the postcards from suggestion #2) and leave them everywhere you go—restaurants, hair stylist, doctor and dentist offices, etc.

25. Mention your program or product during your voice mail or business answering machine message, including the URL.

26. Create a free report that gives people a taste of what your product or program is about, and make it available to people who sign up with their e-mail addresses.

27. Have a follow up autoresponder series sent to the people who sign up to receive the free report.

28. Make a list of all online forums and discussion groups that you to, and bring up your program (or at least its topic) on all of them.

29. If you haven’t already, create your own fan page or group in Facebook and/or LinkedIn and invite people to talk about the topic of your product.

30. List yourself as an expert on your topic on websites such ashttp://expertclick.com , http://helpareporter.com/ ,https://profnet.prnewswire.com/ and http://www.askmehelpdesk.com .

31. Post your product or program on some free online classified ad websites. You can try sites like http://www.usfreeads.com/ ,http://www.classifiedsforfree.com/ and http://www.classifiedads.com/ .

32. Do you belong to any associations or organizations either on- or off-line? Have your offering announced in the association’s newsletter or ezine, which almost always have a “member news” section.

33. Contact freelance writers who have written articles in the past on topics similar to yours or of interest to your niche market and propose article ideas they might want to use, with you as a resource (look for bylines by people who have written for well-known magazines such as Redbook, O Magazine or Ladies Home Journal, and be sure to check both print and Web-based versions of your targeted publications).

OK, I trust that there are enough ideas here to get you started, yes? Then I challenge you to select a handful of them and get going on your own road to promotional success.


Source : http://milana.com/newblog/2010/06/33-ways-to-promote-your-product/

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